Small and Special Hotels in Pamukkale 
Pamukkale is one of the most extraordinary natural wonders in Turkey and a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1988. We suggest to stay one night in Pamukkale to see Hierapolis ruins and travertines. There are also tours to Aphrodisias ancient city from Pamukkale.

There are two types of accommodation in Pamukkale; either small and special places like Melrose Allgau Hotel, that we suggest for individiual cultural tour travelers or 4 and 5 star SPA hotels with thermal pools for longer health purposed trips.

There are many small hotels located in Pamukkale. We suggest to stay in Melrose Allgau Hotel, which has moderate rates for a nice stay. The hotel is also recommended by many guide books and travel portals. 

5 Star SPA Hotels in Pamukkale 
If you are visiting Pamukkale for health and SPA, we suggest to stay in 5 star hotels which offer many services like massage, SPA, thermal therapy and welness baths.


Melrose Allgau is family run hotel and has spacious rooms, newly renovated with big comfortable beds. Delicious home cooked meals are available and are great for vegetarians, as well. You will enjoy sitting by the swimming pool and playing backgammon with other travelers. 

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