How to Complete a Booking with Our Agency

Once you are satisfied with your itinerary, we will request a minimum 30% deposit to confirm all reservations. We have a secure credit card form to safely send your credit card details at www.turkishheritagetravel.com/secure Once your deposit is received, we will confirm all details of your itinerary and email you the travel voucher within 7 business days.  The balance due can be paid at any time prior to arrival – or if you will be in Cappadocia during your travels, we can arrange that you pay your balance at our office in Goreme – we are located between the Kelebek Cave Hotel and Sultan Cave Suites. In our office we accept all major currencies for cash payments, as well as Visa, MasterCard and AMEX.

Currency Information

The official currency of Turkey is the New Turkish Lira (YTL). While traveling around Turkey it is advisable to use Turkish Lira “on the street” (cafes, shopping, taxis, etc) – as you will get the best exchange rate and value.  Many shops, restaurants, hotels accept other currency but they do not always use the most advantageous exchange rate for guests. All ATM (bank machines) and currency offices dispense Turkish Lira as well as other currencies.

We quote most of our rates in Euros. In past years the Euro was the more stable currency and it was easier for our guests to understand - before the “new” Turkish Lira, our currency was a little confusing, e.g., 1 New Turkish Lira today was 1,000,000 Old Turkish Lira (6 zeros have been eliminated).  All credit card charges in our office are charged in New Turkish Lira. We use the official Turkish Government Bank rate on the day the charge is made. This method avoids excessive bank conversion charges for both parties. You can view the current rates here www.tcmb.gov.tr  (left side panel – for other currencies, please click on the “today” button). we use the “FX selling” or “DÖVİZ SATIŞ” rates for all conversions. If you prefer to have your charge processed in Euros or US$ please advise your agent – we cannot be responsible for any charges or transaction fees from your bank.

Tip: Please advise your bank and credit card companies where and when you will be traveling. It is very common for banks to put a hold on your credit card due to suspicious activity from foreign transactions. Also check with your personal account to see what your bank will be charging you for foreign transactions (both credit card charges and cash withdrawals). 

Please send us an email for further information.

Travel Insurance

We suggest supplementing your holiday plans with travel insurance. Although we do not provide travel insurance and we are in no way affiliated with any insurance companies, our guests have found it useful to have travel insurance in case of illnesses, sudden cancellations or “acts of God”.  There are many online companies that offer affordable insurance policies – many combine “trip cancellation, lost baggage, airline delays, etc” policies with “medical evacuation and emergency” policies. One useful link is www.insuremytrip.com (other companies can be found by doing a basic search on Google.)

You can also check with your bank or credit card companies to see what additional insurance is offered when using their card. We do not require travel insurance for any of our confirmations – this information is offered only as a useful suggestion for our guests.

Travel Visas

Travel visas are required for many nationalities. Most visas can be purchased at the point of entry (airport, ferry port, etc) and do not require any paperwork. The visa offices accept cash only and the entire transaction takes just a few seconds. You can find more information on travel visas – and the requirements for your nationality here: www.turkey travel planner.com

Transportation in Turkey

Turkey is a vast country with many of the main sightseeing areas separated by hundreds of kilometers. Fortunately, there are many transportation alternatives to make getting from one location to the next easy for travelers.

Flights: There are many airlines operating domestically in Turkey to/from all major cities. Turkish Airlines offers non-stop flights to Cappadocia (Nevsehir or Kayseri airports) to/from Istanbul. You can also reach Cappadocia by flights from Izmir, Antalya and Ankara with several budget airlines. Please send us an email with your flight plans and dates and we can check rates and availability. We also offer airport transfers for most airports to/from your hotel. Please check our Airport Transfer for more information.

Train routes: Turkey offers a few popular and convenient train routes: The Ankara Express is a modern overnight sleeper train operating nightly between Istanbul and Ankara. The 6Th of September train is a day train plus high speed ferry combination operating between Istanbul and Izmir (except Tuesdays). Both offer affordable, comfortable and convenient travel. Please send us an email with your travel plans and dates and we can check rates and availability.

Private Driver and Transport:We can also arrange a driver and vehicle for a one day tour or we can arrange a private transfer from one city to another. Please send us an email with the number of people, the locations and the dates and we can check the rates and options available.


As in any part of the world where tourism is one of the main industries, tipping is common for services performed. The amount of the tip (if any) is at the discretion of the giver…generally 5-20% is common for services well performed. In the past it was not very common for tips to be given in Turkey, however, with the influx of tourism over the past few decades, tipping is customary in the main tourism regions of Turkey (eg. Istanbul, Cappadocia, Ephesus, the coastal areas, etc).

Weather in Cappadocia

Cappadocia is famous for its rich history, spectacular landscapes and mild climate. For most of the year, the climate is dry (not humid), sunny and pleasant for all outdoor activities. In summer months (June-September), the weather is very consistent – with mostly sunny skies, hot days and slightly cooler evenings. Rain during these months is rare – mostly in the first half of June and typically just a quick storm in late afternoon. Temperatures during the day range from 20-35 Celsius with the average around 30 degrees. During summer months, sunblock, light layers, sunglasses and hats are highly recommended as many valleys and sites do not have sufficient shade. Most hotel rooms are either cave rooms or constructed of quarried cave stone and stay comfortably cool during the day and evening. Winter (December-March) is a lovely time to experience Cappadocia – all major tourism sites remaining open 365 days per year. The weather changes from pleasant, sunny days - perfect for long walks in the valleys to blustery, wet days and powdery snow covering the valleys and dusting the fairy chimneys. The temperatures vary during these months with the averages during the day in 0-8 Celsius and much colder and icy at night. At times during winter – especially in January and February – the temperatures during the day can reach -15/-20 with very cold evenings.

Month Mean Temp °C Mean Min Temp °C Mean Max Temp °C
-2.2 °C -8.0 °C 3.8 °C
0.4 °C -5.4 °C 6.4 °C
4.9 °C -1.7 °C 11.8 °C
10.5 °C 2.8 °C 17.7 °C
14.8 °C 6.1 °C 22.3 °C
18.7 °C 8.9 °C 26.3 °C
22.1 °C 11.0 °C 30.2 °C
21.3 °C 10.0 °C 30.1 °C
16.5 °C 6.1 °C 26.4 °C
10.9 °C 2.6 °C 20.1 °C
4.8 °C -1.5 °C 12.8 °C
0.5 °C -5.0 °C 6.4 °C

Layers of warm clothing and shoes meant for cold weather are important as some of the cobblestone hills are difficult to maneuver when icy. All area hotels have central heating and the cave stone walls keep the heat at a very comfortable temperature. The spring months (March-May) are a mix ranging from amazingly sunny days, intense rain showers and an occasional snow fall well into early April – sometimes all three weather patterns in the same day! Autumn (October and November) are also a mixed bag regarding weather – with comfortable, sunny days and longer periods of rain. During both spring and autumn, layers are highly recommended as the temperatures can vary greatly within the day.

Please send us an email for further information.

What to wear in Cappadocia

Cappadocia is an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise – with amazing walking trails, incredible vistas overlooking stunning valleys and quaint villages. Most guests find casual, outdoor/sportswear the most comfortable for this region. For the hiking trails, good walking/hiking shoes are recommended and as many streets, especially around Goreme are cobblestone and with the steep hills – high heels or dress shoes are not as practical. Comfort is key in Cappadocia as most days are filled with walking and visiting different sites. Many local shops sell comfortable clothing for all seasons and for those traveling in the cooler months; the local women make beautiful hand-knit gloves, hats, scarves and socks.

Although Turkey is a secular nation, the predominant religion is Islam. In Cappadocia, the majority of locals dress more on the conservative side – especially in smaller villages, and non-tourism areas. If you will be visiting the open fruit & vegetable markets of Nevsehir, Avanos or Urgup, these markets are mostly non-tourist areas and conservative clothing is recommended. On the coastal areas of Turkey (Antalya, Side, Fethiye, etc) the locals have become more accustomed to tourist wearing beachwear. In Istanbul, as with most major European cities, many locals dress in modern city clothing. Cities such as Konya and anywhere in the Eastern areas of Turkey are still very much conservative in all aspects of daily life.

Please send us an email for further information.