Turkish Cuisine Tours are scheduled tours operated by Turkish Heritage Travel agency aiming to teach guests, one of the most famous cuisines of the world. 

Cooking Class in Cappadocia
This class will start at 10:00 from your hotel in Cappadocia. Our guide will pick you up from your hotel and drive to a village house in Goreme. Here you will learn the most famous dishes of central Turkey: Dolma and Sarma. 

Dolma could be described as stuffed bell peppers. You will first take the seeds out of the peppers and have the pure part. Then , you fill inside with a mixture of meat, rice and some spices. The final part will be the cooking part.

This meal is served hot or cold, depending on which part of Turkey you are in. It is usually served hot and eaten as a main course in the Middle Anatolia region while it is served cold and eaten as a Meze in the Western Part.

Sarma,which means rolling or wrapping will be your second recipe. It is basicly stuffed vine leaves cooked with olive oil. You will learn the tricks on choosing vine leaves and rolling techniques from local women who will be supervising you.

Turkish Coffee is your last lesson. Coffee has created its own “culture” in Turkey are the famous words of the great Turkish 20th century poet, Yahya Kemal. A little bit more than a casual visit to Turkey would convince anyone that this is the case. Coffee for Turks is not simply a drink, but has its own history, its institutions (coffeehouses), its rituals, its own rules of when and how to drink it, and even a tradition of fortune-telling by reading the coffee grinds deposited at the bottom of a traditional Turkish coffee cup… Most Turks would find it superfluous to call it Turkish coffee: coffee is Turkish coffee. You will learn history and preparation of this highly respected drink. 

When it comes to lunch time, you will have dolma and sarma which you have just prepared with your own hands as well as some other side dishes and traditional desserts. 

This half-day cooking activity will start at 10:00 from your hotel and we will leave you back to hotel around 13:30. It is 65 Euro per person based on 2 people including lunch and pick-up and drop-off for hotel. We offer a 10 Euro discount with cash payment; the cash rate is 55 Euros per person. The rate for a single person will be 90 Euro.