Belly Dancing, also known as the Oriental Dance improves your body awareness and self esteem, which inspires you to have a more positive point of view of your own body - creating a better acceptance of yourself exactly the way you are

The Oriental Dance is fascinating to watch and pleasurable to dance. Dancing is an expression of the body; however, the Oriental dancer does not need to have a certain body type, religion, social level, race or age. It is very interesting to see the great results that belly dancing causes in the body, mind and soul. This dance develops and tones the muscles, oxygenates and massages the inner organs, and awakens your feminine energy. 

Raqs Sharqi, which means Oriental Dance in Arabic, is one of the oldest dance styles of the world. Some say that it was born in Egypt a million years ago and was spread to the Middle East and India by the Roma. In ancient Egypt women danced to celebrate life, fertility and to give a healthy birth to their children. Today belly dancing is performed for many occasions and is an excellent way to keep fit and express yourself through dance.

We offer three types of Oriental dance (belly dancing) classes:

Introduction to Oriental Dance: Learn to isolate and control your hips, chest and arms in rhythmic movements set to traditional Oriental dance music. In this 1.5 hour introduction to Belly Dancing Class, you will learn the basic hip, chest and arm movements to take your first steps into the mystical, world of the Oriental dancer. 70 Euros per person. The rate for a single person will be 105 Euro.

Introduction to Oriental Dance + Veils: With this extended class, in addition to learning to isolate and control your hips, chest and arms in rhythmic movements – you will also learn how to add silk veils to your make your dance more captivating.This class is 3 hours, including a 10-minute refreshment break. 100 Euros per person. The rate for a single person will be 150 Euro.

Two-day Oriental Dance: This Oriental Dance class is offered as a 2-hour per day class, covering the basic dance movements and you will learn simple belly dancing choreography to practice on your own and delight your friends with this unique souvenir from your adventures in Turkey. 130 Euro per person. The rate for a single person will be 180 Euro.

Please send us an email ( to book the belly-dancing classes.

We also offer a Roman Dance Class - The Traditional dance of Turkish Gypsies.

Learn the unique 9/8 rhythm of the traditional Turkish Roma as well as specific movements that express the daily life of the Roma woman - washing clothes, playing and listening to music, etc. Through this dance you can get an understanding of their point of view and way of life. 

Roman Dance Class: in this 2- hour class you will learn to capture the unique spirit of the Turkish Roman woman through their characteristic arm and hip movements to the expressive rhythm of Roman music. 80 Euros per person. The rate for a single person will be 120 Euro.

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About the instructor:

A professional dancer, Clara Sussekind is a native of Brazil where she studied classical dance and graduated from the Faculdade da Cidade in Rio de Janeiro. Clara became interested in the mystical world of Oriental Dance and dedicated her life to traveling the world, researching and performing such specialty dances as belly, Roman, Indian dances as well as the Dervish ritualistic turn. Clara has performed in Brazil, Spain, Egypt, Morocco, the Netherlands and now Turkey. 

She currently resides in Goreme and is the star of the Turkish Night where her solo performances includes The Dance of the Seven Veils, Sword Dance, Percussion and Roman dance as well as the breathtaking Egyptian Sema with decorative drums.

Want something more advanced?
If you would like a more advanced course please contact us. We can custom-make your Oriental Dance class to fit your ability and schedule.