Gulcin SEZER Our fearless Operation Manager!! Born in Tekirdag (western Turkey) and completing her high school education here, she then continued her studies at the Erciyes University in the Tourist Guiding Department. Majoring in Ancient History, Mythology, Architecture and History of Religion. She started her working career in hotel reception/management and travel agency work in Bodrum and Istanbul.  Later moving to Cappadocia and working at Kelebek Hotel (partners with Heritage Travel), she transferred across to the agency starting with reservations, travel consulting and now management! Due to this role most of her free time is taken up with work issues but she loves spending time with her friends and is 100% committed to her job.

Jodie REDDING Originally from Queensland/Australia (where she worked as a vet nurse and jillaroo), Jodie has been living and working in Cappadocia/Turkey for the past 6 years as our Travel Consultant…coming over for Anzac Day in 2007 and never leaving! During this time she has traveled and explored most places throughout the whole of Turkey and is ready to help you plan the most amazing trip possible.  Jodie enjoys hiking or horse riding in the valleys of Cappadocia, swimming and sailing in the Mediterranean or experiencing the rich food culture of Istanbul.

Gizem FISTIKEKEN Also from Izmir, Gizem is part of our unique Consultant team.  Studying at Nevsehir University majoring in Tourism & Management, Gizem has spent the last 6 years working at hotels, restaurants and travel agencies. Apart from travel and helping people plan their ideal holidays, Gizem’s life revolves around her pets (1 Cocker Spaniel dog and 1 Sphynx cat), there is always a lineup of animals waiting at our office for her to finish work each day! 

Rezzan CIKRIK Rezzan was born and grew up in Gaziantep (where the Turkish Baklava is most famous!!). She joined our team 12 months ago in the accounting department, being in charge of all payments, bills and most importantly our wages! She stated her education in Hatay at the Mustafa Kemal University, studying Tourism and Hotel Management. She then moved to Nevsehir to continue her Masters in tourism which she is still completing today. Just married she is happy and content to continue working and studying (plus cooking for her husband!).


Ridvan TURKCUER Born and raised in Cappadocia, Ridvan is the youngest of our staff at Heritage Travel. He is our IT/webmaster guy, making sure the email and internet are running smoothly at all times! Ridvan studied Internet Technology at Cappadocia Vocational College and enjoys playing football in his spare time. 


Serdar DEMIRAL Born 1988 in Ordu (on the Black Sea), Serdar then graduated from the Aegean Uni , Tour Guiding Department. He has now been guiding throughout Turkey for the last 5 years, the last 2 years for Turkish Heritage Travel. He is especially interested in the history of Christianity, Art and Iconography. Along with his excellent grasp of English, Serdar can also speak some Italian and German. When he is finished guiding for the day he enjoys football (as he professionally played for about 2 years), hiking and playing the drums (in a local rock band). 

Cihat ORAL Coming from the North East of Turkey and moving to Izmir as a child and then to Cappadocia after school to study. Graduating from the Nevsehir University Tour Guiding department after 4 years of study in English. He then started guiding throughout Turkey and enjoys interacting/guiding people from all over the world. Cihat specializes in archeology, traditional Turkish cultural and geology of the country. This winter he will be traveling to Quito, Ecuador to learn Spanish and retuning to Heritage Travel as our Spanish speaking guide!